Re: Beware of Avast abd Superantispyware

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Time: Wednesday, 7-10-13, 1:53
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On 7/8/13 7:25 PM, wrote:
> On Mon, 08 Jul 2013 06:42:43 +0700, Mel Bourne  wrote:
>> On 08/07/13 02:29, wrote:
>>>     The two named programs not only install for a trial period but they
>>> also install Google Chrome and reset the default browser to Chrome.
>> They only install because you provided permission.
>   That is not true! I was not asked. Ineither case
>    And, the newest version of AOL software sets itself as the default
> browser without any notuce orasking!
>>>     Then when uninstalled, Chrome is left installed as the default
>>> browser.
>> Don't blame anything or anybody but you!
>>>    In a similar vein, AVG when tried and uninstalled, now leaves
>>> something somewhere so that it cannot be reinstalled for
>>> another trial.
>> You really need to educate yourself *prior* installing applications to
>> your OS.
>    So you tell me how I would have known this. Prior trials of those
> two programs came pure without messing with my registry and installing
> other software.
>   If you dount me try AVAST!
Speaking only for Avast, as I don't use or install SuperAntiSpyware...
PeterC is correct, there was a short period where Avast was installing
this without asking, IIRC, but that didn't last long.  I think I was
reading about it in one of the Mozilla newsgroups.
And Mel is also correct.  One way or another, you gave your permission
to install those items, even though you didn't want them.
I can think of only 2 scenarios where this can happen:
1.  You had an older copy of Avast that did install the program without
your permission.  But it's your responsibility to make sure you have the
latest version of the software.  At best, you gave it permission by not
getting the latest version of the software, which would have asked you
for permission to install Chrome.  You have to uncheck the boxes to not
have Chrome installed.
2.  You simply missed the messages about Chrome when installing the
current version of Avast.  I downloaded and installed the version that
was current about 3 weeks ago, and having been burned in the past, I now
watch all installers for stuff like this.  A fresh install of Java will
ask if you want the toolbar.
If you don't like what AOL does, then drop them.  Again, that's your
Avast is not the only software that can/may install other pieces of
software and then not uninstall the additional software when it's removed.
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