Re: Beware of Avast abd Superantispyware

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To: ON 09 JUL 2013, KEN SPRIN, From: NIL
Time: Wednesday, 7-10-13, 3:22
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On 09 Jul 2013, Ken Springer  wrote in

> PeterC is correct, there was a short period where Avast was
> installing this without asking, IIRC, but that didn't last long.
> I think I was reading about it in one of the Mozilla newsgroups.

Yes, it just about a year ago, around July 2012. It was for a very
short time - it took Avast only a few days to release an update that
corrected that behavior. I got the impression it was an honest mistake
on their part.

> 2.  You simply missed the messages about Chrome when installing
> the current version of Avast.  I downloaded and installed the
> version that was current about 3 weeks ago, and having been burned
> in the past, I now watch all installers for stuff like this.

I feel sure this is what happened.

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