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Filename Description SizeDl Date
  ARCFAX.ZIP   Fax Software for RISC PC   343k   57   12-09-5 
  The new generation of modems can send and receive Faxes and handle voice
  calls as well as data. ArcFax lets your modem be a fax machine and an
  answering machine.
  ArcFax was the first fax modem program for RISC OS. It allows you to use
  almost all fax modems for sending and receiving faxes on all Acorn hardware.
  Faxes are generated by printing, so anything you can print, you can fax.
  The latest version of ArcFax has been extended into an integrated fax, voice
  and data modem program. ArcFax can use the new Class 8 modems to act as an
  answering machine, and can use almost any modem for transferring files in an
  easy way.
  ArcFax features
  Received faxes can be saved as sprites.
  Powerful script language. Call logging.
  Modem drivers written in script language so can be easily changed.
  Supports Class 2, Class 2.0 and Class 1 fax and Class 8/USR voice/fax
  Uses industry standard Fax modems. These are cheap and don't occupy podule
  slots. They will talk to and work with non-Acorn hardware and software.
  Comprehensive scheduling facility for sending faxes. Delayed sending.
  Automatic retries. Telephone directory with support for Mercury prefix.
  Groups allow faxes to be automatically sent to a number of people.
  Two dimensional data compression and support for 14,400 bps makes faxing
  Faxes sent from ArcFax have a higher resolution than those from fax
  Receives and Transmits faxes in the background from the desktop.
  TWAIN compliant - scan faxes directly.
  Works with SupraFax, Pace Microlin, Zoom, US Robotics, ZyXEL etc. modems.
  Embedded commands - simply put {FaxTo: Bob} in what you print and it is
  Easy file transfer using Zmodem. Server scripts for custom voice/fax
  Print faxes. Auto print all incoming faxes. Show header info on received
  Block receipt of faxes from certain fax machines - defeat junk fax.
  Call costing. Log file analysis, showing call costs, duration etc.
  Direct send/receive of faxes.
  Release date
  September 1992 Version 1.16 RISC OS Compliant.
  HSY.ZIP   Hearsay Comms Application   241k   58   12-09-5 
  Hearsay II is the latest development of the highly acclaimed Hearsay, which
  for a number of years has been the definitive general purpose communications
  package for Acorn systems. Hearsay II is multi-tasking, fully RISC OS
  compliant and has been designed for easy communications for the first time
  user, but with a wide range of advanced features making it also the
  professionals choice.
  Hearsay provides very high quality terminal emulations for direct connection
  to mini and mainframe computers, and is ideal for use with Prestel, Campus
  2000, Compuserve and virtually all bulletin board systems. It also gives
  access to systems such as the French Minitel service.
  Hearsay features
  Fully RISC OS compliant
  Multi-tasking including background file transfers.
  VT320, VT102, VT52 and ANSI terminals supporting advanced video options such
  as bold, faint, italic, flash. Also supports special, technical and
  international character sets.
  Scrolling text terminals utilise a variable length capture buffer with
  options to save, print or spool selected areas.
  Viewdata and Minitel (CEPT 2) terminals with optional on-screen keypad and
  routing using the mouse buttons. Frame tagging to separate tag buffer window
  where tagged frames may be viewed, saved etc. Telesoftware downloading and
  facilities for offline mailbox preparation.
  High quality Viewdata editor with pixel editor.
  Campus 2000 terminal.
  Tektronix 4105 colour graphics terminal with some 4107 extensions.
  Command line editor with buffer to store previous commands.
  Scalable terminal windows in all screen modes.
  Xmodem, Xmodem1K, Ymodem, Zmodem, Kemit, SEAlink and ASCII file transfer
  protocols including batch transfers.
  Comprehensive script language based on a subset of C. This supports integer
  arithmetic, easy-to-use strings and a wide range of useful functions.
  MNP2 and vasscom link level error correction.
  Macro processor and fully definable keyboard. Facilities to create a custom
  menu of options which expand macros or call script language functions. User
  menu may complement or replace main Hearsay menu.
  Password protected number directory with Options including: dial with auto
  logon, cycle dial, sort directory, search for entry.
  Facility to automatically record logon procedures.
  Modem drivers for most popular modems. Additional modem drivers may be
  written using the script language.
  Gif previewer displays Gif pictures in separate window as they are received
  supports high speed/dual serial port expansion boards using serial device
  Support for RISC OS printer drivers.
  Supplied with a 200-page user guide.
  PACKD210.BIN   PackDir is a very fast file archiver   90k   144   12-09-5 
  Features :
  Packs a directory tree (i.e. all directories and files it contains) into a
  single archive file (very similar to a Zip file).
  Can (obvious one this ...) perform the reverse process, i.e. recreate the
  original directory from the archive file.
  Optionally compresses file data with the widely used LZW algorithm.
  Is heavily optimized for speed (and is several times faster than most other
  archiving utilities) and is therefore ideal for regular archiving tasks,
  e.g. backups.
  SFS140.ZIP   SparkFS is a powerful compressed FS   88k   83   12-09-5 
  SparkFS is a powerful compressed filing system that saves disc space and
  allows you to use compressed files and programs as easily as uncompressed
  Files can be stored individually more safely than in easy-to-damage archives
  and there are no confusing duplicate disc drive icons to master.
  Release date
  June 1992 Version: 1.39 RISC OS Compliant.
  UNIBOOT.ZIP   Acorn Universal Boot   2784k   79   12-09-5 
  Installation and Use of the Universal Disc Structure  (!Boot only)
  Please read and understand the LICENCE document in this directory before
  This disc image is intended for use on a locally-booting system running RISC
  OS >=3.10. It is not suitable for use in booting discless RISC OS clients or
  NCs over a network connection.
  You will need approximately 6Mb of free space on your hard drive to perform
  the extraction and installation process as detailed below.
  This disc image is derived from the image installed on the J233 Risc PCs
  at manufacture time; various materials have been removed from the J233
  image to create this build which only contains the contents of the !Boot
  To install the RISC OS 3 Universal Boot Sequence onto your harddisc you
  need to extract the !Boot directory from the UNIBOOT/ARC archive using
  !SparkFS (if you have it), or !SparkPlug into the root directory of your
  If you already have a !Boot application it should be renamed to be called
  oldboot before extracting the new !Boot sequence. DO NOT just copy
  the new !Boot over the top of your existing !Boot.
  If you do not have a copy of !SparkPlug, examine
  you should find a BASIC program called dearchiv.bas (or similar) inside the
  riscos/releases directory. *settype this program to type BASIC if it does
  have a BASIC icon associated with it already in your filer window, and run
  This BASIC program will proceed to extract a copy of !SparkPlug into your
  currently selected directory.
  Now Reboot the computer.
  You should now find yourself running the new !Boot; your machine will start
  up as though it is an out-of-the-box J233.
  Reconfigure your system using the !Configure application built into !Boot;
  double-click on !Boot to run it. Further configuration documentation can be
  found in the Manuals directory.
  You will subsequently need to move the applications you use at startup time
  into the new !Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk / !Boot.Choices.Boot.Tasks
  directories, and / or edit your !Boot.Choices.Boot.Tasks.!Boot file
  Copyright (c) Pace Micro Technology 2001.

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