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Filename Description SizeDl Date
  ARMAGEDD.ARJ   Great Civilisation Style DOOR GAME   325k   97   8-29-98 
  BA503.ZIP   Back Alley Bar - LORD IGM   53k   21   9-07-98 
  BRE0985.ZIP   Barren Realms El;ite   310k   35   9-07-98 
  CIRCUS10.ZIP   Circus of Freaks LORD IGM v1.0!   65k   43   7-06-97 
  Circus of Freaks LORD IGM v1.0!
  Beat up  the mimes,  stomp  the
  midgets,   lace the   elephants
  food with exlax! And much more!
  Tired of the same IGMs that all
  are   the same   bars, inns, or
  are just  the same  big  arena?
  This IGM is for the mischevious
  user in Lord.
  CLAN91B2.ZIP   Clans - BBS Door game ver 9.1Beta   335k   34   9-30-97 
  COL101.ZIP   CASTLE OF LORD v1.01 - IGM for LORD   65k   33   7-06-97 
  The newest and most inventive IGM yet
  from Trevor Herndon, author of Violet's
  Cottage. Just $5 to register too!
  BBS: (703)341-1865; FIDO (1:265/107)
  DEATH150.ZIP   DEATH MASTERS v1.50 [ BBS-DOOR 2-21-96    212k   33   5-16-97 
  DEATH MASTERS v1.50  [ BBS-DOOR 2-21-96 ]
  Two levels added, New spell (BLINDNESS),and
  ALL KNOWN BUGS KILLED (including 1 serious)
  A door game with intense gruesome action!!
  Fully MULTINODE aware! 50-Node public chat,
  telegrams, live battles, etc. Popup boxes
  and scrollable menus provide an easy to use
  interface: players concentrate on escaping
  hell, not on learning the game. Supports
  non-standard settings, FOSSIL, and more!
  EROS60B.ZIP   City of Eros - LORD IGM   52k   48   8-29-98 
  FASTVOTE.ZIP   Fastvote door - suitable for most boards   318k   38   10-17-97 
  FE105.ZIP    -=Falcon's Eye (FE) v1.05=-   284k   94   8-01-97 
     -=Falcon's Eye (FE) v1.05=-
  InterBBS Capable Fantasy War Game
       From the Makers Of BRE
  Redesigned from previous versions
  FRESFISH.ZIP   Door Game: Fishin' tournament thingy?   166k   51   10-14-97 
  FWORLD53.ZIP   Freeworld - LORD IGM   126k   42   8-24-98 
  GANGWV22.ZIP   Gangland Wars Ver 2.2 - Door - Most BBS   169k   36   10-18-97 
  GRAVE330.ZIP   GRAVEYARD VERSION 330 - Lord IGM   70k   38   11-24-97 
  HACARAMA.ZIP   door game   287k   31   10-05-97 
  L2101A.ZIP   -= LORD2: New World V1.01a =-   487k   43   8-01-97 
  -= LORD2: New World V1.01a =-
    ::: LORD2  : NEW WORLD ::  
  LHFUN18_.ZIP   -=Lets Have Fun! v1.5 LORD IGM=-   30k   38   5-16-97 
  -=Lets Have Fun! v1.5 LORD IGM=-
  Copyright 1994-95 Chad Schwartz
  All Rights Reserved
    This is a LORD IGM that I think
  your users will LOVE!  There is a
  few hidden things, so I hope you
  like them!  
  LORD2B2.ZIP   Lord 2 Beta 2 Door game   185k   33   6-24-97 
  LORD2B7.ZIP   Lord ][ Beta 7, the latest release   465k   36   6-25-97 
    ::: LORD2  : NEW WORLD ::  
  ޲                         ۰ 
  PICNIC10.ZIP   Lord IGM... The Picnic.   82k   34   5-16-97 
  Lord IGM... The Picnic.
  Has that vulture been bothering you?
  SKILL103.ZIP   Skill Training Center v 1.03 - LORD IGM   56k   44   5-16-97 
  Skill Training Center v 1.03 - LORD IGM
  An IGM that allows  users to gain extra
  skill  points  by playing  games.  Very
  easy   to  install,  and  the   install
  program  actually works! Includes three
          * Tic Tac Toe
          * Target practice
          * The Shell Game
  TQFNV65.ZIP   The quest for Nora BBS DOOR GAME   493k   103   9-16-97 
  TRI-RAW.ZIP   RawTag Door For Door.SYS BBs See File_Id   216k   48   8-27-98 
  VAMPV15.ZIP   Vampires: Children of Darkness v.15   233k   52   7-06-97 
  Vampires:  Children of Darkness v.15
    Online door game for BBS's
  The ULTIMATE Vampire Door Game!!!
  Submerge yourself in an alien
  culture.  Through the utilization
  of a simulated reality every 
  action you take affects how other's 
  treat & feel about you.  Prepare 
  yourself for you are about to 
  become a Child of Darkness!
  VIOLET50.ZIP   VIOLET'S COTTAGE v5.0 - LORD IGM   55k   35   7-06-97 
  Major upgrade of the classic IGM!
  Now includes even MORE fun for the
  female players, plus more male stuff!
  Definately worth getting if you are
  a fan of IGMs!
  by Trevor Herndon; BBS:(703)341-1865

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