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Filename Description SizeDl Date
  A2R100.ARJ   Converts Ansi to Rip screens   0k   214   6-14-18 
  A2R v1.00 - Ansi to Rip conversion
  utility.  Converts ANSI screens to
  RIP format for use with new RIP
  standard terminals.  Fully functional
  user supported software.  $20.00 (US)
  A2R100.ZIP   Convert ANSI to RIP screens   0k   83   6-14-18 
  AV22.ARJ   Ansi View 2.2 - Ansi Graphics Viewer   0k   224   6-14-18 
  Do you have nice collections of ANSI
  graphics? Ever wanted a tool to allow you to
  manage them? ANSI View is your answer. It's
  the best ANSI graphics viewer shell/manager
  out there. Some of it's features are:
  o   Internal ANSI Driver
  o   Batch commands with tagging
  o   Animation Support
  o   25/50 lines mode specified for EACH
  CP.ZIP   RIP Screen designer   0k   99   6-14-18 
  DPAIN11.ZIP   RIP Graphics Screen designer   0k   110   6-14-18 
  DPAIN30B.ARJ   Dead Paint V3 RIP Drawer   0k   241   6-14-18 
  The main features added to DeadPaint are its
  object manipulating ability.  You can move,
  delete, copy, and change one or several
  object(s) by either clicking on them, or
  include them by dragging a rectangular area.
  Another significant addition is the GUI
  properties control box, as well as several
  new GUI objects.  There are many different
  button styles defined in RIP script,
  version 2.1 of DeadPaint only have one fixed
  DPAINT12.ZIP   Rip Screen Paint v1.12   0k   114   6-14-18 
  FLTLN103.ARJ   FlatLine v1.03 - A POWERFUL Rip Editor!   0k   266   6-14-18 
  Public Release. For editing/creating the most
  fantastic RIP graphics screens.
  GPAPER55.ZIP   Compu-Paper Generator   0k   124   6-14-18 
  Compu-Paper Generator - GPAPER.EXE v5.50 Now
  supports Synchronet BBS color codes. Adds
  computer paper effect to text files. SysOp
  configurable as to background color.  Creates
  ANSI, WC!3.x, Synchronet, SearchLight and PCB
  color coded files.  Set environment variables
  for different BBS systems and file extensions.
  Registration : FREE
  HEXITRI.ARJ   Hex Addresser for RIP Paint   0k   263   6-14-18 
  P150-152.ZIP   Rip Paint Upgrade from 1.5 to 1.52   0k   112   6-14-18 
  PCXRIP11.ZIP   Convert PCX to Rip Pictures   0k   115   6-14-18 
  RIP2NOW.ZIP   RIP 2 NOW - add Wav, JPG, BMP to RIP Scr   0k   104   6-14-18 
  --------- RIP2 NOW ---------------
  Help file to allow the use of wav, jpg, and
  bmp to RIP screens now. Allowing the use of
  the features of RIPterm Pro 2.00.01.
  Examples of rip screens with wav,jpg and
  bmp. as well as the jpg and bmp that are
  RIPALL.ZIP   Rip Paint W/Demo And Term Program &   0k   102   6-14-18 
  Icons/Screens. Graphical User Interface
  (Gui) Wysiwyg Screen Paint Program. For Bbs
  RIPE154.ZIP   RIPe v1.54 - SHAREWARE EVALUATION    0k   108   6-14-18 
  VERSION  -   February 19, 1994
  The newest addition to the RIP graphics
  editing scene.  This program will do
  everything that you want and then some.
  Includes all of the popular features of most
  RIP painting programs and adds a few of it's
  own including automatic generation of three
  dimensional spheres and polygons, advanced
  icon editor, the ability to capture icons
  RIPEASY.ZIP   RIP Screen Convertor   0k   117   6-14-18 
  RIPIT20.ZIP   RIPIT - RIP Screen Editor   0k   133   6-14-18 
  RIPIT v2.0! The Hottest RIP screen
  generator EVER for a BBS!  It's quick,
  easy, and makes awesome screens for you,
  either manually or on auto-pilot!  Best
  of all, it's CHEAP at only $10.00!
  Download it and check it out!  Works
  with almost ANY BBS!
  RIPITUP.ZIP   RIP IT UP!-Load Processor 2.3   0k   141   6-14-18 
  RIP IT UP!-Load Processor 2.3
  Released March 95'  New Features - Cleaner
  spacing of imported DIZ files. Yes, a RIP
  UPLOAD PROCESSOR for Searchlight BBS's Only!
  Use any archive format you wish, program
  your own settings.  Auto detects YOUR BBS
  Name, User, Access Level, etc.  Plus, a
  FILE_ID.DIZ reformatter to fill the screen
  with the file description, RIP 2 compliant,
  Upload Alarms, Mails Users, Checks for both
  RIPSCRIP.ARJ   RIP protocols explained   0k   274   6-14-18 
  RIPSPY.ZIP   Comprehensive RIP Script viewer   0k   133   6-14-18 
  RIPspy 1.01:  probably the most comprehensive
  RIPscrip file viewer around!  Has support for
  many RIP commands that other viewers don't.
  Latest update adds support for WWIV codes and
  corrects a few minor bugs.
  RPNTR102.ZIP   Rip Paint V1.02   0k   125   6-14-18 
  RUSL11.ZIP   RIP Update for Searchlight 3.5, Version   0k   116   6-14-18 
  RIP Update for Searchlight 3.5, Version 1.1
  This program checks for the presence of RIP
  graphics and the RIPScrip version.  If an
  update is needed, the download is initiated
  and time limits adjusted accordingly.  The
  user has the option to disable future checks,
  but can be reset by SysOp.  Registration of
  Version 1,1 is *FREE* and entitles you to
  SUBSTANTIAL discounts on upgrades. Requires
  "ZMODEM.EXE" from Searchlight for transfers.
  RUSL20A.ZIP   RIP Update for Searchlight 3.5, Version   0k   128   6-14-18 
  RIP Update for Searchlight 3.5, Version 2.0
  ALL NEW! RIP support! Checks RIPScrip version
  AND icons, invisible if unneeded but prompts
  if update needed. The download is initiated
  and time limits adjusted accordingly.  The
  user can disable future RIP version checks,
  but can be reset by SysOp.  Registration of
  Version 2.0 is *FREE* to registered users of
  V1.1, $10 to others, free upgrades. Requires
  "ZMODEM.EXE" from Searchlight for transfers.
  RVIEW154.ZIP   Rip View 1.54   0k   134   6-14-18 
  RWAVTEST.ZIP   RIP Wave Test Screen   0k   136   6-14-18 
  ==RIP 2 WAV Test Screen==
  This includes a
  screen and wavtest.txt file.
  They explain and show how
  to test if a wav file will
  play in RIP 2.
  by Bill Pommenville

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