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Filename Description SizeDl Date
  !12SAD.ZIP   Search and Destroy v1.2 - Action packed   0k   94   6-14-18 
  Search and Destroy v1.2 - Action packed
  Battleship-type door game.  Features
  include multinode compatibility, ANSI
  animation, excellent ANSI music, supreme
  play control, scan ocean surface or use
  periscope to search for enemy ships, fire
  missiles and torpedoes, drop bombs, crack
  codes, send messages & more!  Your callers
  will love it, and since this incredibly
  detailed game is only five bucks to
  !TXDS120.ZIP   [THE ENIGMA OF ASHRELLA RPG DOOR 1.20]   0k   138   6-14-18 
  : enter the medieval world of ashrella |
  fly on a dragon : get  drunk : joust :
  : long, ongoing story : spells : items |
  =or add-ons for your bbs! So easy that =
  =ANYONE CAN DO IT! TXDS by Allen Ussher=
  2100A104.ZIP   RPG-2100*THE AWAKENING v1.04 [door 4/20/   0k   89   6-14-18 
  RPG-2100*THE AWAKENING v1.04 [door 4/20/95]
  Single-Multiline DView-WIN-OS/2 aware door
  supports FOSSIL and non-standard settings...
  57 years after preventing the awakening of
  Khalal its evil wraith has finally recovered
  the body and has the evil semi-god, semi-
  dragon awaken. You have been summoned to the
  land once more by the sacred fire to kill
  Khalal once and for all. A fully interactive
  game, the best adaptation of a  role-play
  2100W202.ZIP   RPG-2100*THE WRAITH OF KHALAL v2.02 [4/2   0k   77   6-14-18 
  RPG-2100*THE WRAITH OF KHALAL v2.02 [4/20/95]
  Maintenance release.  Corrects time-slicings
  under OS/2, Windows, DV; RIP bug; and others.
  As a fighter, rogue, or wizard,  get clues,
  blessings,  money,  and hints from the old
  men of the land.  Will you escape the Land
  Of Eternal Confusion?   See the king for
  commissions,  hunt other human players, and
  ultimately, prevent the awakening of Khalal
  350TO351.ZIP   Fixes memory problems with LORD 3.50   0k   71   6-14-18 
  -= LORD 3.50 TO 3.51 BETA PATCH =-
  Upgrade your 3.50 game to 3.51
  wide beta.  This fixes the 'EMS'
  thief bug.
  ABR107.ZIP   ArrowBridge v1.07 RPG Doorgame   0k   76   6-14-18 
  Arrowbridge Online Game is a D&D style
  door.  It has active combat routines, 160000
  locations and supports multinode systems.
  Players must earn experience, explore the land,
  raid burial chambers, build armies, gather
  magic weapons, complete special missions and
  much much more!  The game can also operate on
  an Inter-BBS basis with features including
  Inter-BBS assassins, destructors and top 100
  player lists.
  ACT4.ZIP   Across The Tracks v4   0k   66   6-14-18 
  Across The Tracks v4
  -=-=-= Lord IGM =-=-=-=-
  Explore the ghetto on the
  other side of the tracks.
  Works with door.sys, chain.txt,
  dorinfo.def, sfdoors.dat. Can you
  summon the Djinni and escape from
  the mystic grotto? Weird,
  fun, exciting text adventure. No
  save/load games in this unregistered
  version, otherwise fully functional.
  From Brainex 310-275-2344.
  ALIBABA.ZIP   Fortune Teller door for Searchlight   0k   62   6-14-18 
  Fortune Teller door for Searchlight
  * Edit ansi and text screens to match your bbs
  * Edit answers and slam files...
  Simple to setup, uses Searchlight comm routines.
  FREE - from Eagles Eye BBS (207)-724-2016
  APOC11.ZIP   T&J Software's Apocrypha Door v1.1:   0k   71   6-14-18 
  T&J Software's Apocrypha Door v1.1:
  Supports most BBS systems, fossil drivers,
  and digiboard systems. Online searching in
  each book or the entire Apocrypha. This
  is a demo version containing the first
  three books only. Registration includes
  the full text of The Bible, Apocrypha,
  and Book of Mormon (3 doors).
  ARENA11.ZIP   The Arena Of Lords v1.1 - IMG For   21k   38   6-14-18 
  The Arena Of Lords v1.1 - IMG For
  Legend Of The Red Dragon. Fight the
  gladiator and win TONS of gold and
  gems *IF* you can beat him.
  AWARD41.ZIP   Entertainment Awards Trivia v4.10 A BBS   0k   79   6-14-18 
  Entertainment Awards Trivia v4.10  A BBS door
  program concerning "OSCAR" trivia questions
  over the years.  Registration will allow you
  to add questions to the database.  Another
  PAROLE Software program by Dennis Maidon.
  Now creates RIP graphic bulletins as well as
  supports a RIPSCRIP interface.  Supports all
  the major BBS drop files. WC!/PCB/SF/GAP,
  AXE118B.ZIP   Axe and Fang MultiUser Door Game   0k   80   6-14-18 
  Axe & Fang Version 1.18 Public
  By Charles Marchant & GrimWare
  Copywrite 1994/1995
  Axe & Fang is a unix style MUD game. It
  features 127 node support over 65
  interactive commands and real time play.
  When players reach 25th level they may
  then begin adding onto the world with
  BAJORDS9.ZIP   Bajoran Online Trivia Door v2.01 The Ult   0k   85   6-14-18 
  Bajoran Online Trivia Door v2.01 The Ultimate
  Deep Space 9 Game! Consists of approximately
  200+ DS9 trivia questions with 4 multiple
  choice answers. This is *NOT*
  CrippleWare....BEST OF ALL!, we don't charge
  an "arm" and a "leg". The door displays a
  "Trivia Royalty" bulletin to the caller while
  it creates bulletins and logs for your use.
  BAR-441.ZIP   W & W Communications BARONS door.   0k   87   6-14-18 
  W & W Communications BARONS door.
  Barons is a challenging game of
  strategic skill and interactive combat.
  Your goal is to become King of the land
  by capturing neighboring towns and
  defeating your enemies in personal
  BARAK100.ZIP   =Barak's House V1.00: LORD IGM=-   0k   77   6-14-18 
  -=Barak's House V1.00: LORD IGM=-
  In Game Module for the door LORD.
  Your users can meet Barak and his
  crazy mother! -=-=-  By Seth Able
  BBYTRP41.ZIP   Booby Trap v4.1 - InterBBS Door Game by   0k   155   6-14-18 
  Booby Trap v4.1 - InterBBS Door Game by
  Mike Jordan. Requires skill, thought &
  luck. Find the 25 booby traps without
  blowing yourself to bits in the field of
  152 squares. Supports most major drop
  files, has Fossil detection, RIP
  detection and works with environmental
  varables. No expiration date or demo key
  BCHECK15.ZIP    BCHECKERS    0k   85   6-14-18 
  A checkers door that supports most BBS
  drop files, BCheckers provides a number
  of sysop functions, Hoyle rules, full
  data input error checking, multiple
  personality status line, and multi-
  node operation. Can make comments to
  your opponent and generates bulletins.
  Interactive "play-against-the sysop"
  mode! No FOSSIL required -- supports
  BCHESS2.ZIP   BBS Chess Door   0k   96   6-14-18 
  BEATLE12.ZIP   Beatles! Trivia v1.02 - First of it's ki   0k   97   6-14-18 
  Beatles! Trivia v1.02 - First of it's kind!
  All questions about the Beatles from the
  beginning to their breakup. Do you even
  remember them at all? Who was the fifth
  Beatle? When did John join the group? These
  and more are loaded inside this work of
  intense research. You gotta have it and get
  it registered to get the entire database with
  well over 300 questions. RIP Supported, Many
  BBS Types too. Registration is only $19.00.
  BEDULAH.ARJ   Bedulah Door Game   0k   217   6-14-18 
  BEER110.ZIP   Drink the Sysop under the table.   0k   93   6-14-18 
  BGAME32.ZIP   Backgammon Door Version 3.2!   0k   78   6-14-18 
  BINGO30B.ZIP   Bingo Door V3.0B   0k   77   6-14-18 
  BIORYTHM.ZIP   Biorythm Door   0k   68   6-14-18 

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