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Filename Description SizeDl Date
  CALLIN30.ZIP   RIP, Ansi Last 10 Callers Info Door   34k   92   6-14-18 
  RIP, Ansi Last 10 Callers Info Door
  CCVER20.ARJ   Credit Card Verifier Door   18k   204   6-14-18 
  CLUES.ZIP   Excellent Help System for Searchlight   36k   87   6-14-18 
  COLORSL.ZIP   ColorSL - Customize User Colors (1.5)   71k   83   6-14-18 
  ColorSL - Customize User Colors (1.5)
  Door/utilities allow the user to set
  colors that are active only for them.
  Fairly easy to setup, not crippled,
  but shareware.                Cheap!
  CREDIT30.ZIP   The CREDITOR Credit Card Validator 3.0   97k   53   6-14-18 
  CREDIT31.ZIP   The Credit Card Validator for SL   101k   47   6-14-18 
  The CREDITOR Credit Card Validator 3.11
  for Searchlight, Fast, Secure & Very
  Flexible. Easy installation, No third
  party utils reqd. Immediate card verify
  and validation against bank algorithms.
  Uses up to five SL Def Access Levels.
  Full 'look & feel' of SLBBS. Highly
  customizable (built-in optional modules),
  Full RIP Support, 10 worldwide cards +1
  sysop definable card accepted, drops carrier
  CRY101S.ZIP   THE CYBER CRYER v1.00 - For SL only!   0k   60   6-14-18 
  THE CYBER CRYER v1.00 - For SL only!
  This is a program to announce new
  logons to all users who are currently
  online.  It also allows callers to
  customize their logon messages. Uses
  Searchlight comm for compatibility
  with any Searchlight setup.
  Shareware from Frank Sexton $10
  CWALL200.ARJ   SLBBS Quotes Manager/Wall   12k   151   6-14-18 
  DADS220S.ZIP   D'ADS PLACE v2.20 - For SLBBS only!   43k   32   6-14-18 
  D'ADS PLACE v2.20 - For SLBBS only!
  Classified ad program for SLBBS ONLY!
  Sysop-defined categories, anonymous
  ads OK, replies sent to MAIL, autodelete
  ads, multi-node, and Desqview aware.  NEW:
  Now features Insta-Chat for multinode
  systems and uses Searchlight comm support
  for complete compatibility  with all
  Searchlight setups. Shareware from Frank
  Sexton $20 US
  DIRECTSL.ZIP   Direct Download for Searchlight   10k   36   6-14-18 
  A utility written by Scott Phillips
  (author of DELTAMail & SLMATRIX)
  to allow you to download any file from
  anywhere on your system rather than dropping
  to DOS and copying the file into a download
  area of Searchlight.
  DOTM12.ZIP   Door of the Month Version 1.2 for SLBBS   19k   40   6-14-18 
  Door of the Month Version 1.2 for SLBBS
  This program allows you to select a door
  or doors that will not subtract the user's
  time while they are using the door.  Your
  users are sure to love this one!  Freeware!
  DOTM14.ZIP   Door of the Month Version 1.4 for SLBBS   13k   38   6-14-18 
  This program allows you to select a door
  or doors that will not subtract the user's
  time while they are using the door.  Your
  users are sure to love this one!  Freeware!
  EPAGE100.ZIP   Emergency Page v1.0   17k   33   6-14-18 
  Emergency Page! v1.00
  Program for Searchlight BBS systems.  Ever
  had someone who NEEDED to chat with you, but
  couldn't because you left your availability
  off?  Well, now that person CAN page you.
  With EPage!, the user enters the door and
  enters a password.  If the password is wrong,
  the user is kicked out. But if the user is
  RIGHT, it will page the sysop.  Very useful
  door. Desqview Aware and, has Searchlight
  EXPIREMB.ZIP   Lets users know when the accounts exp   24k   36   6-14-18 
  EZVER20B.ZIP   EZVerify for Searchlight 2.0b callback   152k   35   6-14-18 
  EZVerify for Searchlight 2.0b callback
  100% SL compatible, works on any COM port
  config including DigiBoard.  Seamlessly
  integrates with SL unlike any other CBV.
  Database maintenance util provided, import
  other CBV data files.  Wide range of
  FACTOID.ARJ   Simple Facts Door   56k   140   6-14-18 
  Factoid is a simple door that spits out
  a semi-useless but generally interesting
  factoid (Much like those that Headline
  News throws at you before commercials).
  FAXEM14.ZIP   Allow users to send faxes online.   64k   45   6-14-18 
  FDNAN102.ARJ   SL-FDN announcer   23k   140   6-14-18 
  FLASH30.ZIP   DAILY NEWS FILE GENERATOR   95k   43   6-14-18 
  GOODU11.ZIP   GoodUser v1.1 - only allow "good"   86k   49   6-14-18 
  into your door programs! Supports all the
  major BBS types, COM1-4, DESQview aware, and
  non-standard IRQ's. Great for running
  tournaments between rival users! T&J
  Software Program
  GW-SLT16.ZIP   For GLOBAL WARS   66k   39   6-14-18 
  GWTERM24.ZIP   Global Warfare Terminal program   36k   47   6-14-18 
  HAL2002.ARJ   utility for trade wars 2002   47k   145   6-14-18 
  HELLO3.ZIP   User Login Stats Door   66k   51   6-14-18 
  Now thats out of the way, your all
  wondering what exactly is Hello!.
  Hello! is basically a logon Statistics door.
  Before you groan... Hello! is more than just
  another one of those doors that shows your
  BBS statistics, it does more. Not to mention
  it is easy to set-up, no fancy big config
  files where you have to wonder if maybe
  all the doc files is doing is telling
  you how to write your own door.
  HOMEPAGE.ZIP   Home*Page - SLBBSes connected to the WWW   0k   48   6-14-18 
  Home*Page - SLBBSes connected to the WWW
  can let their users create Homepages using
  this door.
  Requires a Web Server & SLBBS 4.0+
  Shareware. CSWare 1/96. [1/1]

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