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Filename Description SizeDl Date
  KCHAT_12.ZIP   KeWlcHaT v1.2, FREEWARE   73k   50   6-14-18 
  KeWlcHaT v1.2, FREEWARE
  Split screen chat door!
  Runs on most BBSes. Ability
  to page. 4 built in chat
  emotions. Fun and easy to
  use! RIP!!!!!
  KNOW30.ZIP   Know it all Database Door   44k   50   6-14-18 
  LAST102E.ZIP   SL CALL - Last 10 Callers   27k   52   6-14-18 
  SL LastCall -- Last 10 callers autodoor
  1.02E This version incorporates a user
  customizable ANSI template file so you can
  set it up to look exactly like you want it.
  Displays the last 10 callers, baud rate,time
  on and date on. Customizable colors.
  Copyright (c) 1994 JVSoft by Jim Barber
  For FREE Updates call Joint Venture BBS
  LDRBRD23.ZIP   LeaderBoard 2.3 Top Callers Door   16k   43   6-14-18 
  After program installation, a TOP 15 USERS
  screen is presented to callers at the
  specified time (be it at login, logoff,
  or as a door that you place wherever else
  you may desire).  If remote callers are
  using RIP, they get a RIP screen.  If ANSI,
  they get ANSI (the SYSOP screen is ANSI).
  If ASCII they get ASCII....
  Included in the list are the top 15 callers,
  uploaders, and downloaders.
  LISTER4.ARJ   BBS Listings Door   133k   143   6-14-18 
  1) Auto sort on first field. (First entry
  will always be first - because I wanted my
  BBS to always be first. 2) Writes a text
  file that can be viewed or downloaded. 3)
  Fully configurable and modifyable a) change
  field names and lenghts. b) configure what
  is to be seen on the view screen. 4) Find
  feature (text search all fields, not case
  sensitive) 5) SYSOP override on modification
  and deletion of records. 6) Record
  MASSMAIL.ZIP   facility Searchlight 6-29-94   215k   45   6-29-94 
  MassMail facility Searchlight 6-29-94
  Create various groups of users capable of
  receiving mass e-mail Join and unjoin non
  private groups.  In private groups members
  can be added by the person who created the
  group only. Mass e-mail messages to all
  members of a group. View members of a
  particular group. This is great for clubs
  and organizations.  Use Zippy and 2016 to
  find other files from same author. FIXED
  MEMBSTAT.ARJ   Display what subboards user is joined to   11k   158   6-14-18 
  MKILL100.ZIP   Delete old Mail via door or event   19k   57   6-14-18 
  for Searchlight BBS 2.25
  MNUPWD10.ZIP   MnuPwd 1.00b; Searchlight Protection   14k   52   6-14-18 
  MnuPwd 1.00b; Searchlight Protection
  Protect your  menus  with  a  password.
  Run  this  door  with the menu name and
  password, and  if  the  user  enters it
  correctly they are put into  the  menu.
  MPV1.ZIP   MostPost By: James R. Hellriegel Jr-   28k   52   6-14-18 
  -MostPost By: James R. Hellriegel Jr-
  Most Post v1.0 is a FREEWARE
  utility door for Searchlight based
  BBS systems. This program reads conferences
  and calcualates how many posts EVERY
  user on your BBS makes and ranks them.
  Compatabile with .SUB files created
  by SL. Similar to "TopTen.EXE" which ranks
  your Top Callers/DL'ers/UL'ers...
  MULTUSE.ZIP   Milton Gameworks Preloader Utility   39k   48   6-14-18 
  NDSYS10.ZIP   Fixes DOOR.SYS for your ANSI games   8k   48   6-14-18 
  Fixes DOOR.SYS for your ANSI games
  If you use Searchlight ver 4.5 and
  use DOOR.SYS with ANSI door games,
  Then you need this file. Fixes RIP
  callers not seeing ANSI in many games.
  ** FREEWARE **
  NEWS-21.ZIP   Superb NEWS FLASH program   273k   50   6-14-18 
  Superb NEWS FLASH program - You'll LOVE
  This program allows you to post any messages
  for any given date for your user's to read.
  It supports color codes, delayed posts, nice
  screen lay-out complete Sysop configuration,
  etc!  Written specifically for SL 4.x and up
  By the people who wrote Tele-Talk, Match Me,
  Registry Inc and many others.
  PASSKEY1.ZIP   Searchlight Pass Key.   7k   50   6-14-18 
  Uses for PassKey
  * Backdoor for Sysop Access
  * Give Registered Users/Friends Instant
  Access when they Call
  * Anything else you can think of!!!!!
  PDJUMP21.ZIP   Replaces Searchlight Jump Command   24k   48   6-14-18 
  PDJump replaces the Searchlight internal
  JUMP command.  It displays the subboard name,
  description, number of messages, membership
  status, number of new messages, and personal
  message status.  The user selects a subboard
  to jump to with the arrow keys.  The user can
  also JOIN and UNJOIN subboards as well as
  CATCHUP or mark all messages as read.PDJump
  uses Searchlight's internal communications
  support.  PDJump is shareware and costs as
  POLER.ZIP   User Poll Door   52k   55   6-14-18 
  PPAGE200.ARJ   Pocket Pager v2.0   49k   182   6-14-18 
  PROLOT18.ZIP   Pro Kit Lottery Door   33k   46   6-14-18 
  RANDOM17.ZIP   Randomize opening/closing Screens   14k   57   6-14-18 
  RANDOM - 1.7 - Added 30 more menus able to be
  cycled.  Tired of the same login, logoff,
  screens, menus and RIP backgrounds?  Cycling
  them with a batch file?  This program will
  fix you right up.  This will also deal with
  all the RIP "WALL's" that Searchlight 4.0
  added so now the user does not have to see
  the same old CHATWALL or READWALL every time
  they log in! Does so little so fast we made
  REGINC21.ZIP   The BEST user registry program   136k   55   6-14-18 
  The BEST user registry program
  for Searchlight!!
  This door program will let your users fill
  out a fun registry and then view any others
  who are in the registry.  The questions are
  interesting and fun!
  List any new enteries with a given date too.
  Brought to you by the same people who wrote
  Tele-Talk and Match Me!
  REQUEST4.ARJ   Offline CDROM requester   53k   154   6-14-18 
  RUSER100.ARJ   Let Users see who has higher Access   14k   174   6-14-18 
  SABERCD1.ZIP   Offline CD File Request for Users   53k   46   6-14-18 
  < SABER-CD > File Request Door for SL
  * Offline request utility that will
  * automatically mail Sysop with user
  * file requests. For Searchlight.
  SLADVERT.ZIP   Searchlight BBS Advertising Door   42k   51   6-14-18 
  for Searchlight bbs' and it requires
  SLCLASS.ZIP   Add Classified ads to your board.   8k   52   6-14-18 
  Add Classified ads to your board. Not a
  door program, but instructions on how to
  create a fully integrated sub menu utilizing
  the powerful features of the Searchlight
  subboard and message facility. Easy to
  follow instructions with subboard text
  files already included. For Searchlight 4.0

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