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Filename Description SizeDl Date
  SLNOTE.ZIP   SL Users Login Door   13k   44   6-14-18 
  This program when run will display a
  message to users, based on access level.
  The files displayed are "newuser.txt" &
  "reguser.txt".  If you do not wish to
  display any message to registered users,
  simply delete the "reguser.txt" file,
  and nothing will be displayed.
  The "newuser.txt" & "reguser.txt"
  may contain the message macro "\%k" to
  insert the users name.
  SLNUV10.ZIP   SearchLight New User Validation v1.0   17k   50   6-14-18 
  SearchLight New User Validation v1.0
  This is an NUV door like that in
  OBV/2 or any "Elite" BBS Software
  SLNUV100.ZIP   Searchlight New User Validation Door   23k   42   6-14-18 
  SearchLight New User Validation v1.00
  This is an NUV door like that in
  any "Elite" BBS Software
  This is the full version release
  D/L RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!
  SLP104.ZIP   << SL Post Office 1.04 >>-----   33k   41   6-14-18 
  -----<< SL Post Office 1.04 >>-----
  Now you can send mail to  any users
  simply by access levels/attributes.
  This makes it easy to send a single
  letter to all or  just some of your
  users.   This   version    includes
  support  for   more/less  than  400
  lines.   Also  reformats text  now.
  Very useful utility.        SL 4.5+
  Written by Aaron Erlandson
  SLPREF10.ARJ   Allow users to choose own preferences   38k   158   6-14-18 
  SLSECURE.ZIP   SLSecure v1.0 - Extra Security for SL!   17k   48   6-14-18 
  SLSecure v1.0 - Extra Security for SL!
  SLSecure will install as a login autodoor to
  your BBS and give you and your users an extra
  level of security beyond their password!  It's
  an excellent solution to any of your security
  SLSTATUS.ZIP   Searchlight Status Door Utility for.   17k   42   6-14-18 
  Searchlight Status Door Utility for.
  SLTME32A.ZIP   SL-TIM - Digital Clock for Searchlight   30k   44   6-14-18 
  INTRODUCTION:   SL-Time is a time utility,
  written for use with the Searchlight Bulletin
  Board Software.
  SL-Time was conceived from an earlier program
  of mine, that drew a large "working" digital
  clock on the screen.
  After many modifications, the original program
  finally grew into SL-Time.
  SLTOGGLE.ZIP   SLToggle 1.1 (c) Jim Davis   9k   42   6-14-18 
  SLToggle 1.1    (c) Jim Davis
  Searchlight command-line utility to
  set chat availability, superuser,
  mail invisibility, session limits,
  and local hotkeys, all from dos.
  NON-Interactive, and free.
  SLVIEW.ZIP   Slview Archive Viewer Door V1.0 For   20k   40   6-14-18 
  Slview Archive Viewer Door V1.0 For
  Searchlight BBS & Others. Arc,ZIP,arj
  Supported. View Text Files in Archive
  SL_LINGO.ZIP   Edit your DEFAULT.LNG file! For SL v4.0a   3k   44   6-14-18 
  Edit your DEFAULT.LNG file! For SL v4.0a
  Want a quick, easy to edit your language file
  for Searchlight v4.0a?  Then try this!
  Freeware --- of course!
  MattComm Systems - A Searchlight ONLY BBS
  All Searchlight-Only files : Not yet public
  Have patience!  :-)
  File_Id.Diz created by MattComm Systems of
  Anchorage, Ak  -  RP Mattice, Sysop -1995.
  SPLIT210.ZIP   SuperSplit v2.10 for Searchlight   32k   35   6-14-18 
  SuperSplit v2.10 for Searchlight
  SuperSplit allows users  to split files
  on   your   BBS   into   user-definable
  segments so they can be downloaded over
  a number of days.  Easy to install  and
  your 2400 users will thank you for it!
  SPLUS31.ZIP   ShopKeeper OnLine Shopping Door 3.1   408k   38   6-14-18 
  STATGRAF.ZIP   Builds hour/daily BBS Caller Stats   66k   30   6-14-18 
  STATHOUR.EXE is freeware and can be
  freely distributed.
  STATDAY.EXE is freeware and can be
  freely distributed.
  SUBLST21.ZIP   SUBLIST v2.0 -=RyanWare=-   22k   39   6-14-18 
  SUBLIST v2.0  -=RyanWae=-
  Enhanced "List" command for Searchlight BBS
  systems v3.xx.  Shows subboard membership,
  new message counts, and more.  Multi-tasking
  and multi-node aware. Monitors idle time and
  user time limits.  Sports a new stats-bar and
  the new SL "More...  Continue   Stop" prompt.
  TBS_V10.ARJ   Total Bulletin Service   85k   137   6-14-18 
  TELLEM20.ARJ   Tell other users when someone logs in   9k   142   6-14-18 
  TFD13.ZIP   Top Files Downloaded.   40k   33   6-14-18 
  TopFilesDownloaded-Gives popular files.
  TFD will search for files with high downloads
  and create a list of the most downloaded files
  to date.  TFD uses SLDIR for Searchlight BBS.
  THATSALL.ZIP   Thats all Quote Door   13k   41   6-14-18 
  TL300.ZIP   Time Lottery Door for SLBBS   36k   38   6-14-18 
  TODAY24.ZIP   Today in History Door   87k   34   6-14-18 
  TOGG12.ZIP   Toggler v1.2 - Toggle hotkeys remotely!   12k   36   6-14-18 
  Toggler will allow the Sysop to remotely
  access and change the status of any hotkey
  on any node! These include: Sysop
  Availability, SuperUser, Sysop Next, and
  Invisible Mail status.  A must have for
  any Searchlight Sysop!!
  TOPDLS.ARJ   Top Downloads   10k   132   6-14-18 
  TV460.ZIP   Time Vault v4.6 For Searchlight BBS   41k   37   6-14-18 
  Time Vault v4.6 For Searchlight BBS
  Door program for Searchlight BBS
  systems. Easy to install.. Has SL
  "look and feel"! Withdraw & Deposit
  functions completely configurable.
  All TEXT and MENUS can be Changed!!
  Optional transfer feature can be enabled.
  Special withdraw/deposit mode for use
  as an auto-logoff door!
  TVIEW28.ZIP   Text View on line magazine Door   76k   33   6-14-18 

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