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Filename Description SizeDl Date
  TBS_V10.ARJ   Total Bulletin Service   85k   141   6-14-18 
  TELLEM20.ARJ   Tell other users when someone logs in   9k   148   6-14-18 
  TFD13.ZIP   Top Files Downloaded.   40k   36   6-14-18 
  TopFilesDownloaded-Gives popular files.
  TFD will search for files with high downloads
  and create a list of the most downloaded files
  to date.  TFD uses SLDIR for Searchlight BBS.
  THATSALL.ZIP   Thats all Quote Door   13k   44   6-14-18 
  TL300.ZIP   Time Lottery Door for SLBBS   36k   41   6-14-18 
  TODAY24.ZIP   Today in History Door   87k   37   6-14-18 
  TOGG12.ZIP   Toggler v1.2 - Toggle hotkeys remotely!   12k   39   6-14-18 
  Toggler will allow the Sysop to remotely
  access and change the status of any hotkey
  on any node! These include: Sysop
  Availability, SuperUser, Sysop Next, and
  Invisible Mail status.  A must have for
  any Searchlight Sysop!!
  TOPDLS.ARJ   Top Downloads   10k   139   6-14-18 
  TV460.ZIP   Time Vault v4.6 For Searchlight BBS   41k   40   6-14-18 
  Time Vault v4.6 For Searchlight BBS
  Door program for Searchlight BBS
  systems. Easy to install.. Has SL
  "look and feel"! Withdraw & Deposit
  functions completely configurable.
  All TEXT and MENUS can be Changed!!
  Optional transfer feature can be enabled.
  Special withdraw/deposit mode for use
  as an auto-logoff door!
  TVIEW28.ZIP   Text View on line magazine Door   76k   36   6-14-18 
  TW903LDR.ZIP   SLBBS Tradewar Doors Loader   6k   29   6-14-18 
  TWALL150.ZIP   A Grafetti and Quotes Wall Door   30k   45   6-14-18 
  THEWALL v1.50, by Bill Negrelli.
  A Graffiti Wall that holds 20 quotes and
  makes use of Color/MCI codes similar to those
  in Searchlight.  Other features included in
  ULMAN21A.ZIP      127k   37   6-14-18 
  Upload Manager 2.1a upload processor
  systems! Tests ZIP,ZOO,PAK,ARC,ARJ,LZH
  Integ testing, virus scanning, ZIP/ARJ
  commenting, archive conversion, multinode
  aware, imports file descriptions, MORE!!!
  Lots new in version 2.1. VERY reasonable
  USEDOOR.ZIP   Logs # of times Door is used   13k   47   6-14-18 
  UT24.ZIP   UT - Upload Tester v2.4 For SLBBS [1/1].   20k   44   6-14-18 
  UT - Upload Tester v2.4 For SLBBS [1/1].
  Features include :  Unarchives ZIP - ARC
  - ARJ & LZH, Checks for Viruses ReArchives
  with Maximum Compression, Deletes other BBS
  Ads, Adds your ZIP File Header Ad, Checks
  Integrity of ZIP - ARC - ARJ - LZH & GIF,
  Optionally accept specific files as is,
  Optionally Delete Specific file types.
  Allows you to append a BBS "line" to
  FILE_ID.DIZs, complete logging option and
  UUTERM.ZIP   Terminal Program for Ultimate Universe   203k   54   6-14-18 
  EGA term program for playing Ultimate
  Universe. Get more done faster and wiser
  while on-line. 3D graphics, icons, sound
  effects,  along with important features
  that helps you play better; Planet
  Alert,Procurator alert, Explore
  universe quickly and more...
  VB.ZIP   Voting Booth door for Searchlight   21k   54   6-14-18 
  VOICE101.ZIP   Voice Validator v1.01b for Searchlight   31k   52   6-14-18 
  Voice Validator v1.01b for Searchlight
  Written   for   SysOps  who  don't  (or
  didn't) have  a  call-back verifier, or
  want to check up on duplicate  numbers.
  Uses  a Searchlight-type interface with
  full user list, auto dialing, duplicate
  phone  number   detection,   user  list
  printing, sorting, and a lot more.
  VOTED14.ZIP   Vote, Dangit! (1.4) (c) Jim Davis   34k   39   6-14-18 
  Vote, Dangit! (1.4)   (c) Jim Davis
  Yet another voting door. Supports
  Searchlight color codes, command-line
  driven, `add other' choice option.
  `New-scan' switch for use as an auto-
  door, customizable prompt, etc.  Now
  much friendlier to DesqView and Irish!
  (slight mods, utility)    *FREEWARE*
  WEBMAKE1.ZIP   WORLD WIDE WEB AUTO PAGE MAKER!!   0k   40   6-14-18 
  Version 1.6   [01-17-96]
  This program runs as a door and
  allows your users to create their
  own web pages for use on your
  provided web site, or for use on
  any web site.  The zip file
  includes two files, one is the
  BBS Door for the users, the other
  is the utility program for the
  WHTSN341.ZIP   WhatsNew v3.41 - SL Utility   46k   45   6-14-18 
  WhatsNew v3.41 - SL Utility
  This is version 3.41 of David Sward's FREE-
  WARE program WhatsNew, for SL 4.5+. A file
  processing problem has been fixed, it will
  display ANSI for RIP 2 callers, and the
  status line is REALLY fixed this time!
  From Aged Peregrine Software
  XLOG.ZIP   XQUOTE is a simple logon autodoor for SL   30k   52   6-14-18 
  XSRCH106.ARJ   Global message serach   28k   172   6-14-18 

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