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Filename Description SizeDl Date
  FD-SLBBS.ARJ   FrontDoor/SLBBS Setup   0k   221   6-14-18 
  FILEPR34.ZIP   FilePro ver 3.4 - FDN utility for SLBBS   0k   55   6-14-18 
  FilePro ver 3.4 - FDN utility for SLBBS
  Imports files received through file
  distribution networks into Searchlight
  BBS file areas, extracting long
  descriptions from inside the archive.
  FMAIL098.ZIP   Fmail 0.98 Mail processor   0k   48   6-14-18 
  Fmail 0.98 Mail processor.
  This software now supports Jam message
  bases. As well retaining Hudson and
  .MSG format.
  FM_1410B.ZIP   File Manager TIC Processor   0k   63   6-14-18 
  GM136.ZIP   Getmail v1.36 - SL Echomail Utility   0k   58   6-14-18 
  Getmail v1.36 - SL Echomail Utility
  When combined with the SQUISH echomail
  tosser, this is the closest thing you'll
  find to a dedicated mail tosser for SL!
  Getmail combines with SLMAIL to handle the
  exporting of *.MSG files from only those
  areas with new outbound mail, importing of
  *.MSG files from only those areas with
  inbound mail, and deletes *.MSG files from
  required directories.
  GMEDIT12.ZIP   GetMail Editor v1.2   0k   57   6-14-18 
  MAKECH35.ZIP   Take the work of creating mail    0k   56   6-14-18 
  MAKECHO is written exclusively for anyone
  who is running Searchlight BBS
  software and is receiving echomail. This
  utility will take all the work out of
  creating and deleting conferences. It will
  work with any tosser that uses an AREAS.BBS
  format. MAKECHO will edit the all files and
  directories needed to process echomail.
  MAKECHO.ZIP   Make echo-messages easier to create   0k   56   6-14-18 
  M A K E - E C H O - S I G
  For Searchlight BBS
  Version 2.5
  Makecho is a program that will add a message
  base that you name to Searchlight BBS it
  will also edit an areas.bbs file entering
  the echotag and node number of who you
  recieve your mail from it will also edit
  slimport.bat (used to import incoming
  echomail) and slexport.bat (used to export
  MATCH11B.ZIP   Match Maker dating door Game   0k   59   6-14-18 
  -Match Maker By: James R. Hellriegel Jr-
  Match Maker v1.01b is a "Dating Game"
  type of door for SL BBSes. Users
  make out profiles then can make
  matches based on their wants and
  how important their wants are to them.
  The most popular door on my BBS and it
  will be on yours too! Installation is
  as easy as 1..2..3! Don't let the
  file size fool you! A must-have! <Small
  MCM10G5.ZIP   FTN Compatible Mailer for BBS frontend   0k   61   6-14-18 
  FTN-compatible Mailer for DOS V1.0g5 Binkley
  style Outbound, Internal Netmail routing,
  Outbound manager, HYDRA-Protocol with Chat,
  256 AKAs (in and out), Flexible Cost
  calculation, Request-Processor Interface, Up
  to 99 Lines, Visual Line Control, Internal
  Fax receive, IEMSI-Terminal, and much more.
  SL&FD202.ARJ   SL/Front Door Setup and Batch Files   0k   236   6-14-18 
  SLM334B.ZIP   SLMATRIX Netmail processor 3.34B   0k   63   6-14-18 
  SL_FIDO.ZIP   How to setup Searchlight for Fido/SLNET   0k   70   6-14-18 
  TICPOS13.ARJ   A magical tic file mail warning system.   0k   255   6-14-18 
  XM100A.ARJ   Xmail is a fidonet message packer   0k   257   6-14-18 
  xMail 1.00a Shareware Release
  - Mailprocessor for Hudson,
  Squish, JAM and *.MSG with
  multiline support

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