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Filename Description SizeDl Date
  !EP100.ZIP   EchoPLUS. "Batch file enhancement" util   0k   40   6-14-18 
  View files, format screen output, solicit
  user input, check read/write status of
  drives, and much more!  Another handy
  utility from Peter Martin.  Registration
  is only $1 !!!
  AACOOL.ZIP   %%%Rip Menus For SLv4.X%%%   0k   45   6-14-18 
  %%%Rip Menus For SLv4.X%%%
  ONly the Best in Ripscrip
  comes from Sudden Impact!
  4o9.634.6o6o Call for more
  Rip! have over 1000 Login
  Screens!This files contains
  a main,file,3 logins,mail,
  user and more menus.
  ACTLOG.ZIP   Activity log creator for Searchlight 4.5   0k   30   6-14-18 
  Activity log creator for Searchlight 4.5
  this program will make and old style
  activity logu using Searchlights syslog.dbf
  and Searchlights internal files
  AFREQ31B.ZIP   Fido File Freqer   0k   38   6-14-18 
  AutoFREQ- A door which allows users to
  request files by Fidonet (tm) style FREQ and
  to automatically request them using mailer
  ALIASBLD.ZIP   Alias Builder for Searchlight   0k   44   6-14-18 
  ALIAS.SL2 Builder for Searchlight v1.0 -
  Rebuilds the ALIAS.SL2 file from
  the aliases listed in the user file
  (USER.SL2). For Searchlight version
  3.5A or higher.
  ALIASIT!.ARJ   Alias Manager   0k   155   6-14-18 
  ALLMAIL.ZIP   AllMail v1.1 A Mass Mail System [1/1]   0k   38   6-14-18 
  for Searchlight BBS systems. Sends Email
  messages to your users on a call by call
  basis (based on access & file levels). Real
  simple to setup, and even easier to run.
  Maintains upto 50 different 'messages'.
  Shareware. CSWare.
  ALMGR10A.ZIP   ALMGR v1.00a DEMO - SL Alias Mgr Util.   0k   38   6-14-18 
  ALMGR v1.00a DEMO - SL Alias Mgr Util.
  The Searchlight Alias Manager Utility was
  created  to  simplify  the  ALIAS  managing
  process on  their Searchlight  BBS  System.
  ALMGR  performs  various  tasks  like: Add,
  Change, Delete, List, Search & X-Ref using
  SL-like menus. Once  you  test  it, you'll
  replace your AUTIL with this baby.
  Copyright (c) 1994, Dennis Ayala
  ARCD096B.ZIP   Arc Doctor - excellent file upload chkr   0k   38   6-14-18 
  * Totally automated - no user intervention
  * Open up any archived file - even if it has
  an erroneous extension.
  * Convert any archive to any other archive
  format.  (Requires Registration)
  * Performs all processing on recursive
  archives.    (Requires Registration)
  * Seek out and delete "The Draw" .COM files
  from archives. (Req. Regist.)
  AUTIL.ZIP   Searchlight Alias Lister   0k   31   6-14-18 
  Searchlight Alias Utility Program v3.5
  Command-line utility for Searchlight 3.5A.
  Provides listings of alias names sorted by
  alias name or real name. Also provides a
  cross-referencing tool for correcting
  inconsistencies in the ALIAS.SL2 file. Doc
  file included.
  AUTOAD13.ZIP   AutoAdd v1.3 - SL Autocreation utility.   0k   35   6-14-18 
  AutoAdd v1.3 - SL Autocreation utility.
  Simple utility that auto-creates new
  subboards and file directories for
  Searchlight BBS. It is most useful when
  used in conjunction FilePro.
  AUTO_BUL.ARJ   Bulletin Builder   0k   135   6-14-18 
  BACKTRAK.ARJ   Menu Backtracker -> direct exits   0k   163   6-14-18 
  BATBAR.ZIP   Batch Bars v1.0 - Menubars for DOS [1/1]   0k   38   6-14-18 
  Shell to batch files from your BBS using
  menubars that match your Searchlight menu
  bars. Easy way for your users to perform
  DOS level tasks without accessing DOS and
  making intricate SL menuing systems.
  BBSLIST2.ARJ   BBS List DataBase Ver 2.   0k   161   6-14-18 
  BITS122.ZIP   The BitSpinner ver. 1.22   0k   42   6-14-18 
  BitSpin is a "solve the puzzle" word game.
  BUSYTIME.ARJ   Statistics plot of BBS busy times   0k   173   6-14-18 
  CALLER.ZIP   Callerm For Searchlight   0k   38   6-14-18 
  Callerm For Searchlight
  Program to list out the callers
  and Modify a caller on a Seachlight BBS
  CALLERS.ZIP   Callers is a Program to list out the    0k   57   6-14-18 
  Callers is a Program to list out the callers
  on a Seachlight BBS
  CALLLOG.ARJ   Call Logger, shows last x callers   0k   199   6-14-18 
  CDD20.ZIP   CD Detect for multiple CD swapping   0k   99   6-14-18 
  CSGIF.ZIP   CSGIF v1.0 Gif Res Importer for SL [1/1]   0k   49   6-14-18 
  CSGIF v1.0 Gif Res Importer for SL [1/1]
  Replaces your existing GIF descriptions with
  the file's resolution. Configurable
  description format. Requires SL 4.5, DOS
  5.0+. Shareware.
  D2L100.ZIP   DBF2LOG 1.0- Syslog.dbf Utility   0k   45   6-14-18 
  DBF2LOG 1.0- Syslog.dbf Utility
  **Multi-Format Text file output,
  Archiving/Appending of Syslog.dbf
  files, a Userlog, and Summary of
  System Use features. Purges old
  log files. Adustable timeslicing
  too! Supports up to 99 nodes, and
  999 runs/day. Desqview, OS/2, and
  WIN95 tested. For Searchlight BBS
  ver 4.5 and up. Shareware by John
  DBONL102.ARJ   OnLine DataBase - DBASE Format   0k   247   6-14-18 
  The shareware evaluation version of dB
  Online will only allow you to access a
  single database at a time with less than
  50 records.
  Registration will remove the 50 record
  limit. Registration to dB Online Pro will
  give access to multiple work areas with full
  elation capability.  The Pro version will
  include a printed manual.
  DBV.ZIP   Excellent .DBF Viewer for Searchlight   0k   54   6-14-18 

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